Regarding Yen Press’s License

For those out of the loop, do read this first.

If requested (directly with evidence, doesn’t matter even if it’s not via a C&D), I will remove any official SAO LN material from this site under their license.

The Day Before / After should be under Aniplex, though I doubt they have the license for it, seeing as their first blu-ray box didn’t have it either.
The rest of the material (SS, web edition, doujinshi, and webpages) will remain unless Yen Press obtain the license for them.
Which isn’t really feasible, honestly.

I highly recommend buying the books (and AW too) when they’re out, their Spice & Wolf translation was lovely.
…I’m going to need more shelf space.

Please keep the comments section civil.

And messages to Yen Press, since it seems rather likely at least one person there will read this:
Firstly, the original SAO manga sucked.
Seriously. I don’t even know why you picked it up, aside from completeness’s sake.
I know there’s no bad publicity, but really, it doesn’t work all the time.
I don’t think even collectors want it; ズド・・・

Next, a personal plea that probably won’t be heeded.
Ignore fan-translations of future volumes, please.
I understand there’s the possibility of it cutting into your profits and weakening your hold over the brand and such.
But considering the release rate of three volumes a year, volume 13 will be released early 2018, five years later.
I personally would buy volumes of something I’m a fan of, even if I had already read it through other sources, but I guess this is just one person’s opinion.

Also, please keep the cover art.
Really, don’t replicate that S&W v1 disaster again, I don’t think there’ll be much of a backlash against the current cover art, even in the Western market.
Maybe even hire abec for design, I’m pretty sure most of the fans will be more than happy with that.

Good luck.