Status, etc

Seems useful, so I’ll keep this status update somewhat updated with the updated updates.
The updated date of this update post will be the latest date this was updated.

Renai 3 Jigen Debut (manga)
In progress.
Currently a joint with Ciel Scans with me working on translation.
Editing (on their end) is stalled due to school issues?

SAO ME20+ (novel doujinshi)
I believe one of them will be taken by defan as it’s connected to something else he did.

Sword Art Online 16 (LN)
If you don’t have a specific preference for my translations, just go over to defan if you want to read it now.
At the moment, I have no intention of translating v17.

Sen to Man (manga)
Dropped by the group helping me as it appears to have been picked up by a bunch of anons.
May pick up again eventually if they stop.
Editing help will be appreciated then or whenever.

Series I want to work on

Tobashi Shinjirou‘s OP-TICKET GAME (LN)
[Mystery|Psychological|ROMANCE|Ecchi] Mysterious tickets that allow one to rub the breasts of a girl in your class by gathering ten of them by the school’s tradition.
And the boys of Class 1-7 in their quest to obtain them after gaining information on their existence.
…It’s better than it sounds. Really. No, really. No, really really really.

I may do it if I have the time and there’s even slight demand for it, so do comment if it provokes your interest (so that I’ll have an excuse to translate it).

Netoge Yome (LN)
Unlikely to continue?
I do want to do a proper edit through volume 1, though…

Yuusha Mushoku 6 & 7 (doujinshi)
If anyone wants to help out, I can use people with experience in cleaning, redrawing, or typesetting.

Shiratamadango 4 & 5 (doujinshi)
Eventually (assuming no one does it).
If anyone wants to help out, {same-as-above}.