[Mature] Chapter 16.5

Just a back-up of Sword Art Online, chapter 16.5, to preserve the text after its removal at Baka-Tsuki.

Please note that it is only for mature audiences.
Those below the age of 18 (or 21 or whatever it is in the country you’re in) should not be taking a look at it. (Ahaha.)

Also, note that 16.5 was published only on a separate section (the 18+ one) on the author’s website in the past.
Regardless of whether it is canon or not, it was not published in the Dengeki Bunko Edition, even if it was written by the author.

Lastly, among the mature short stories hosted on the author’s site in the past, the only ones with the writings of the actual author are the Lisbeth and this one.
(…Is there any interest in that one?)

(Oh, and yea, the “2 years” line really is there. That’s really not a mistranslation. The first few lines are actually from the web novel’s chapter 16 which weren’t in the light novel.)


  • Translation – Ence