My Angel Ayase ga Konna ni Kawaii. 2

"My Angel Ayase ga Konna ni Kawaii. 2"Mediafire
“Ayase is my angel, so lovely. 2”.
Second volume of the OreImo series from NtyPe.
…Scans are finally out!
Well, they’re relatively low-res and the levelling on the colour pages are horrible, though. It took ages to clean, that foreword page itself took hours, honestly…
I know there’s a release from NEOZEED (and yes, NZ, I share your sentiments), but that’s with worse (upscaled and levelled to hell) scans, 2 missing pages and lack of translation on the author notes.
And I really should get to doing that 1st volume, rather than procrastinate over and over again, with the excuse of “there’s already one with an okay-ish translation”.
AW/D:MG might get released before that though…