[Mature] Warmth of the Body

Sword Art Online, Warmth of the Body, a fanfic by Aoao, partially written by Kunori Fumio.
It’s recommended you read the above extract of the web novel’s Warmth of the Heart first.
That said, it was not part of that chapter, but a fanfic of sorts, posted separately.

Please note that this is only for mature audiences.
Those below the age of 18 (or 21 or whatever it is in the country you’re in) should not be taking a look at it. (Ahaha.)

This is a fanfic and thus, definitely not canon.
Also, I’ll apologise for my erotica writing skills here in advance. Sorry.

Lastly, among the mature short stories hosted on the author’s site in the past, the only ones with the writings of the actual author are chapter 16.5 and this one.



  • Translation – Tap