Tips / Donations

Currently, the easiest way to contribute is by clicking on the Amazon links (on the SAO posts / page) before you buy anything there.
I’ll get a part of the price and it won’t cost any extra for you.

If you would like to contribute some money for raws / server costs, please post a comment and fill in the email field, along with the sum of money (USD by default) if you’re fine with making that public. (ah, anything less than a dollar will probably be worthless with the fees and stuff, though)
I’ll then contact you with my Paypal details.
Alternatively, send an email over to tap[at]taptaptaptaptap[dot]net.

Also, for contributing to the domain name fund, you can also send me some bitcoins via bc1q28cpd6c6x3vvdn8jjvk4nzmpkavrfyg2y2xala. (only the registrar accepts them)

Disclaimer: This will have practically no effect on the speed of my translating. Please don’t feel any obligation to donate whatsoever.