Afterword (v15)

Translation of Sword Art Online’s volume 15, afterword.



Good day, I’m Kawahara Reki. I am currently writing this under tremendous agitation. If you were to ask why, it would be because I had utterly forgotten that the afterword even exists for quite a number of days!

Right, let’s try that again, thank you very much for reading “Sword Art Online 15 Alicization Invading”.

The previous volume, “Uniting”, did end off with a “To be continued” despite the big boss of the church, Highest Minister Administrator, defeated and all, so here’s how it continued on from then… The stage for the story has broken out from the boundaries of the Human Empire and shifted to the vast, boundless Dark Territory. Various things have made a suspicious turn: Asuna and co. were attacked onboard the Ocean Turtle in the real world, Kikuoka-san had changed into a Hawaiian shirt from a yukata, and so on…

And with all that, The Human Empire Defense Army will begin the war with the Dark Territory army in the next volume. The Alicization arc that began in the 9th volume is finally charging into its climax, so do come along; I’m hoping for your support!

In regards to recent events, I participated in America’s largest anime / manga convention, «Anime Expo» with the illustrator, abec-san, as guests. It was my first time visiting Los Angeles (also, it would be my second time visiting America), but the streets were huge just like the event space was! And the enthusiasm of the all-American anime fans filling the air was incredible!

Naturally, I am glad many SAO fans came over. Coincidentally, it made me realize yet again that SAO only grew this large, from its days on the web, to Dengeki Bunko, to its animation and game adaption, thanks to everyone who rooted for it over these ten plus years.

I believe the second season of the television animation would have begun broadcasting when this book is published. The setting has made a sudden change to the «world of guns» from the first season’s, but everyone on the staff and cast, starting from the director, will put all they have into showing how cool gun action is along with that never-changing element of what makes SAO what it is, so please cheer the animation on as well.

I guess my time’s almost up, so I’ll keep the thanks and apologies short! I thank abec-san for drawing the many new characters filled with charm appearing in this volume one after another, my supervisor, Miki-san, for coming with us to LA, the next in charge, Tsuchiya-san, for protecting Japan while we were gone, and everyone who have read this far, thank you very much!

A Certain Day in July, 2014     Kawahara Reki


  • Translation – Tap