Afterword (v14)

Translation of Sword Art Online’s volume 14, afterword.



Hello, everyone. Thank you very much for reading “Sword Art Online 14 Alicization Uniting”.

The Alicization arc that had continued from “Beginning” → “Running” → “Turning” → “Rising” → “Dividing” ends a chapter in the tale with this volume.

In a meeting about SAO’s publication with the editor-in-charge around the end of 2009, I recall us saying “Let’s set publishing the Alicization arc as our goal”. It didn’t feel real back then since it was so far ahead, but by the time I noticed, we’ve already gotten to the end of the Human World chapter, so time (and the number of volumes) certainly do pile up really fast…

[Warning: The text ahead will touch on content crucial to the story in this volume!]

Well. Eugeo who had stayed as Kirito’s partner and close friend as well as the other main character from the ninth to this fourteenth volume has parted from the stage of this story at last. He’s rare in this series: a main character that doesn’t assert his own presence much; he leaves the impression that he was chasing after Kirito throughout the entire long adventure, where he left his home village, entered the capital’s academy only to get arrested, before escaping from there and climbing the tower.

Actually, while revising the web edition for the paperback edition, I seriously considered altering Eugeo’s fate. Eugeo withdrew from the stage while stifling himself the entire time in the web edition, so I thought it would be fine if he got hold of a new fate since I was given this chance to rewrite it.

However, it didn’t happen in the end. When I reached «that scene» in my revision, I just couldn’t overwrite the original story. It was as if Eugeo himself was denying any change to his fate. Or perhaps that was his final and greatest assertion after holding himself back the rest of the time.

I did write «Human World chapter» earlier; the Alicization arc will still continue for a little more, extending its stage farther. The familiar characters from the reality side will be reappearing one after another, so I hope for your support from now on too!

I think it will be already announced by the time this book is stacked in the stores, but the broadcast for the television animated series, “Sword Art Online II”, will finally begin in July. Please take a look at that too! And my delay with the manuscript had caused many problems for the illustrator, abec-san, and the one in charge, Miki-san, this time as well. I’ll try my best… next volume…!

A Certain Day in March, 2014     Kawahara Reki


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