Anime Festival Asia (SG)

Yes, a blog post actually unrelated to translation.
Go ahead and ignore this if you wish to.

Day 1

Everyone who were at AFA earlier, お疲れ様でした.

That queue for the official SAO booth was ridiculous.
There must have been more than a hundred or two people queueing there…
Was pretty surprised that they brought over the Elucidator and Lampent Light replicas, though; I wasn’t expecting to see the official replicas of those in my lifetime.
Most of the goods were based off the anime design, rather than abec’s art, though, so I didn’t get anything there.
But I did get the Sinon/Kiriko badges from CDS.
I wonder if anyone has unwanted Sinon/Lisbeth normal version badges that I could get…

And for some reason, there were about 4 or 5 Kirito cosplayers (incl. 1 female), with only a couple of Asuna ones about.
Shows just how popular Kirito is, huh.

Spent most of the morning and afternoon walking around, following people.
There’s stage events I’m interested in tomorrow, though, so it ought to be more interesting.

Well, to end things off, here’s hoping for more artists, rather than artistes coming from Japan for future events.

Day 2

Like yesterday, everyone, お疲れ様でした.

The SAO booth was ridiculous as it was yesterday.
They restocked some calenders and shirts after selling out everything yesterday, but they still finished their stock in less than an hour or so.
Got a Sinon strap (refer to link in day 1), though I wonder if I’ll be attaching it to anything…

Mostly stage events today.
LisAni! was unexpectedly interesting, but any plans to break into the English market seems unlikely to succeed…
Missed the 変態王子と笑わない猫。 trailer due to lunch, but apparently it’s getting animated by J.C.Staff.
Voice actors still unannounced, but it would be nice if it gets production values as good as Sakurasou right now.
Sphere was interesting, the live dubbing was done really well.
It’s amusing seeing how voice actors get into their roles in different situations.