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Sword Art Online 7 Mother’s Rosario.

It’s obviously advised to have read through the novels, or seen its illustrations first.
Spoilers are slight if there are even any.


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15th April 2011

Sword Art Online 7 Mother’s Rosario

{SAO Vol. 7 cover}

Good day. It’s been a while, abec here.
And so, it’s started selling long ago!
It’s an late update as always. I’m sorry.
In the first place, the updates are now for the sake of publicity for my work, huh.
It seems there are already many who have bought it, so thank you very much for your thoughts.
I haven’t replied, but I’ve been able to read all of it.

At any rate, refer to the read more for the notes on the illustrations; spoilers included.


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As expected of Kirito-san! Calmly pulling off what all other male protagonists there couldn’t. That’s where he excites! I’m tingling!

And so, Kirito-san cunningly appears on the 7th volume cover as well.
Actually, Kirito-san wasn’t in the specifications,
and the plan was to have a packaging without Kirito-san at first.
But I was told that I might as well get him in, so here’s his obstinate appearance.
The rough for the other two received an OK earlier on, so I just had to figure out how to insert Kirito-san in.
After grunting while sticking him into various places, it ended up like this.

And so, there’s plenty of new characters this time, along with minor changes for the others!
I had no allowance in terms of time left anymore and the roughs turned out quite messy.
In the first place, I haven’t been uploading any of the character roughs, huh. I’m sorry.

The illustrations this time were full of difficult battle scenes, those with many characters and such, so it was pretty terrible.
Like on P149, I didn’t draw anything aside from Kirito-san in the initial rough, so it was planned to be an easy page, but he really did seem lonely, so I increased the extras at the back, added that cut-in, and before I noticed, it became an amazingly strenuous job.
Also, the last illustration was from one drawn by Kawahara-san that was inserted at the end, back when it was published on the Web, that I was given the opportunity to remake.
It seems to have been regarded as a plus from the feedback I’ve seen, so I’m glad.
By the way, when reading the manuscript, abec was rendered to tears from the text alone.

And I also cried at the Accel World advance notice.
Kuroyuki-senpai… abec’s place supports girls with small breasts.

Also, as extra service, I’ll put up the discarded roughs for the cover and a rough image.

Discarded cover concept. (it’s messy)
{Discarded cover concept}

Yuuki rough image.
{Yuuki rough}