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Sword Art Online 4 Fairy Dance.

It’s obviously advised to have read through the novels, or seen its illustrations first.
Spoilers are slight if there are even any.


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30th April 2010

Sword Art Online 4 Fairy Dance

{SAO Vol. 4 cover}

About how it’s already for sale!

No. That’s not it.
Actually, for some reason, the one in charge of SAO said
“That person’s a pervert.” when talking about me.
(link fixed)
When talking about an active female high school illustrator of such beauty that it would put even flowers to shame,
he just naturally called me a pervert.

That is such a ridiculous case of sexual harassment…!

And so, the shock from that made unable to deliver any updates…
It’s all that person’s fau… ahh- oww- what are you d-… oww, I’m sorrry.
Don’t hit mee, I’m sorry, I lieed.
I simply couldn’t update since the deadline for something else was closing in, and I just forgot about it as time went past-

Eek, eek-
Oh, and there were various other matters as well, but I’ll update on them next time.

For the time being, although it’s nowhere near fresh anymore, refer to the Read More for the SAO 4 illustrations matter.


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The navel- The navel under the logo-
And I even went to the extent of breaking apart Kirito’s wings to show the navel!
(everyone has wings on, but it becomes quite the hindrance in scenes with several characters)
Oh, and you might think that I’m resorting to armpits again, but I couldn’t think of much else in terms of ideas for poses.
I should say that this will probably be the time I put a stop to armpits. Probably.

As for the opening frontispiece, I didn’t even have the time for a rough this time.
I definitely want to draw something there for the next volume, though…!
And I thought it would be easy since one of those with adjacent pages was already drawn for the advance notice in Accel’s volume 4.

As for why there were 11 illustrations this time again.
Well, I got an extension for the deadline, so it really was a piece of cake, lol.

I did design Tonkii, but it ended up in a chrysalis(?) state, so it’s not obvious at all, huh.
When I had the chance to go drinking with Kawahara-san, Touka-san, the one in-charge of the turning it into a manga, and the person in-charge of SAO,
(sorry about talking about that with all of you back then, lol)
I was asked to show the roughs, so I’ll upload them sooner or later, alright.
Or rather, I have still yet to release the character roughs from the Fairy Dance arc, huh.
Nah, it’s just a real bother to insert the copyright names in, lol. (it really is a bother)
It feels like someone will get mad if I don’t upload the design for Asuna’s back that was requested, lol.

Also, it was fun drawing the dragons this time!
Following that, drawing offline Silica and Liz was a piece of cake. It’s nice how cute these two are, huh.
I made sure to design the uniform properly too, so I want to show it off. It was mentioned, so there’s a blazer.
There’s no setting for Suguha, so I just made it a sailor uniform with my own judgement,
but I didn’t draw any illustrations of her in an uniform, so I drew it in the chibi characters on the 4th’s cover.

It looks like she was described as wearing a sailor uniform in volume 3. They happened to match. Safe, safe! (haha)

Also, even though he worked so hard, Recon-kun, who didn’t even appear once in the illustrations, did not even get a character rou… cough-cough!
The world of light novels is just a little severe on males! (but Kirito is an exception)