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Mostly comments on the illustrations, since abec’s the illustrator for the series and all.

abec’s blog. (mature content warning)
Sword Art Online 3 Fairy Dance.

It’s obviously advised to have read through the novels, or seen its illustrations first.
Spoilers are slight if there are even any.


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29th December 2009

Sword Art Online 3 Fairy Dance

{SAO Vol. 3 cover}

I apologise for being late with this advertisement.
For the contents, refer to the Read More.

Also, there’ll be a book, BUNBEC WORKS from Bundochi., at the Winter Comiket, Shi-52b *, with roughs from my work on it.
It’s by BUNBUN-kun who’s treated as if he’s the same person as me on Wikipedia!
That’s wrong! That’s really wrong!
Lil’ old me’s an active female high school student illustrator, after all!

It’s true!

It’ll be starting in just 1 more day, but for those who are going, do support me.
Also, free feel to give comments and web claps * even on New Year’s Day >< Thank you for your opinions!


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Anecdotes on the illustrations below.

To be honest, I thought to maybe change the designs to make it look like a different game or something, but it ended up having the same feel due to time constraints.

I’m rather pleased with the character design for Suguha.
Slightly plain girls like that are nice, aren’t they.
I was pretty lost with what to do for Leafa’s design, but I basically tried following the Web version.
Also, what I meddled with the most was
Suguha-san’s breasts swelled by quite a bit, but it’s not like I’m taking advantage of the fact that I can do it or anything, lol.
The illustrations were… I was panicking for various reasons, so it does appear that I might have made them just a little bigger than they were in the roughs… Tehe-☆
Well, it seems popular, so it’s all good.
Everyone likes breasts, don’t they! I personally totally love them, regardless of whether they’re small or big! (no one’s asking-

I wonder if I made Spriggan Kirito look too much like the original Kirito-kun.
It’s pretty hard having the same character with different outwards appearances.

The opening frontispiece illustration… is a rough once again, but I really didn’t have the time to draw. Hmph-
I had a considerably strict schedule for the illustrations too, but I got the lords in.
I was under no duty to do it in the first place,
but I drew up character roughs on my own accord,
and selfishly wanted to draw them! And that’s what I voiced out, with it officially ending up as the 11th illustration (haha-

They seemed delighted with it, so my efforts weren’t in waste, lol.

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