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Sword Art Online 10 Alicization Running.

It’s obviously advised to have read through the novels, or seen its illustrations first.
Spoilers are slight if there are even any.


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20th July 2012

Sword Art Online 10 Alicization Running

{SAO Vol. 10 cover}

Even episode 2 of the anime’s been aired, it’s already been 10 days since the release of the latest book. Sorry.

And so, the new book is now on sale!
For details about the contents, please check the official page.

Next, for more about the usual illustrations and spoilers, refer to the READMORE.


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The front cover’s Rina-senpai and Kirito-san.
Of course, Kirito-san’s in the center.
I’m not even bothering to submit the rough with the idea for a version with Rina-senpai as the center anymore.
After all, Kirito-san will definitely end up as the center.

Now, about Rina-senpai who also appeared on the front cover this time,
when it was published on the web, her name appeared, but she was a character that wasn’t actually described,
so there’s a drastic amount of new text from Kawahara-sensei this time.

I believe those who buy AW as well would know,
but AW always has an advance preview page for SAO every volume,
and that ended up as the art for a frontispiece in the new book (the colour pages at the front), the opposing pages of 6 and 7.
Kirito and Eugeo, who have become elite swordsman trainees. Along with their valets, the swordsman trainees, Ronie and Teiza.
And, the corresponding page is on page 328… by the way, the book ends on page 330, eh.

There’s a drastic amount of new text from Kawahara-sensei this time.

Ah, I really didn’t think that it would end with the scene from the advance preview page that should be acting as an advance preview.
I was shocked when the manuscript got here. (haha)

Also, I worked hard to try and draw the townscape used in the paired pages in the frontispieces, but thanks to my magnificent lack of ability, it ended up as a drawing that couldn’t convey the amount of effort spent on it.
I’ll work hard on the backgrounds too, next time.

And as for the back cover… they were so pitiful, even getting left out from the Kirito Investigation Meeting (?), so…
that said, I feel that the colour combination with these two around makes for a picturesque image.
They don’t get appearances, though.. (sniff
I got a look at the anime Silica, she was super cute.
LolicoSilica fans around the country, please look forward to it!

Next, there really were a lot of new characters this time round, huh.
It was terrible having so much more than usual, but how was it?
Please look forward to their activities in the future.

Also, I stealthily changed my profile column which was the single word, “abec!”.
An anime adaption… I can’t believe it… really? I changed it with those feelings in mind.
Please take another look at it ^^

Also due to the anime adaption, I’m drawing new art for magazine covers and the storage box for volume 1 of the limited edition BD version.
I’m drawing various other things,
but I’m thinking about creating another post to organise all of those together.
There’s this design here and that design there, so please look forward to them. I hope for your support.