Kanojo na Katou.

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MangaDex (Reader)
“Girlfriend, Katou Megumi”.
Alright, time to collapse! 3/3.

Katou Megumi wa Fuyu mo Kotowaranai Kawaii.

"Katou Megumi wa Fuyu mo Kotowaranai Kawaii."Download
MangaDex (Reader)
“Katou Megumi won’t say no even in the winter; cute”.
Bit more… 2/3.

Katou Megumi wa Kotowaranai Kawaii.

"Katou Megumi wa Kotowaranai Kawaii."Download
MangaDex (Reader)
“Katou Megumi won’t say no; cute”.
Happy birthday. 1/3.

Kawahara Reki’s Live Commentary

Just a small ad.
Some already know, but I’m translating the live commentary tweets Kawahara does for each SAO II episode over here.
There will usually be a delay, but feel free to read it if you’re interested.

Phantom Bullet: 01020304050607080910111314

Calibur: 151617

Mother’s Rosario: 181920222324

(there is no commentary for 12 and 21)

Ryuuou no Osumai!

"Ryuuou no Osumai!"Download
MangaDex (Reader)
“The Ryuuou’s Residence”.
Huh, it’s been more than a couple of years since I last did one from NtyPe, huh.
It sure gets harder to spare time when employed full-time.

SAO Cybersecurity Handbook

"SAO Cybersecurity Handbook"Download
“SAO Cyberseucrity Handbook”.
This… took a long, long time.

Status, etc

Seems useful, so I’ll keep this status update somewhat updated with the updated updates.
The updated date of this update post will be the latest date this was updated.


[Mature] Koi no Kotoba Afterword + Extras + TL Notes

"Koi no Kotoba"Download

Text (TL Notes)
Download (TL Notes)
Reader (TL Notes)
“Koi no Kotoba Extras”.
And it’s finally over… Time for the next project.

[Mature] Koi no Kotoba c13

"Koi no Kotoba"Download
“Koi no Kotoba c13”.
Though it’s over, it’s not.
Afterword and extras to come.

[Mature] Koi no Kotoba c12

"Koi no Kotoba"Download
“Koi no Kotoba c12”.

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